HKEDU is committed to providing the best possible start for children to learn English. Our aim is to support and strengthen English language learning and teaching in Hong Kong. HKEDU services include:


Recruiting teachers from overseas and ensure that schools get the best teachers possible.
On-site consultations with schools and teachers.
Act as an advisor on language teaching and learning.
Provide services to our teachers and make the transition to life abroad less stressful by providing travel and cultural exchange.
Provide an authentic environment for children to learn English and develop their confidence using English for communication.
Develop learning and teaching methods, materials, curriculum and activities suited to the needs of local students.
Maintain innovative teaching activities; assist in professional development of school-based curriculum and to work within the school community.
Organising and conducting extra-curricular activities related to English learning and teaching such as phonics, playgroups, story-telling activities, drama, songs, extensive reading, etc.
We also provide our clients with services to get local teachers who are not native English speakers to learn English.